International Studies Program Eligibility and Application Process

The Austin Waldorf High School offers guidance to students wishing to study abroad for one school semester. The high school faculty, in partnership with the International Studies Program Committee, has elected to consider this opportunity for enrolled students during the spring semester of a students tenth grade year. Austin Waldorf High School faculty will consider a students attendance at Waldorf schools in German and Spanish speaking countries so as to support the language programs offered at the Austin Waldorf High School. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The student must be in good academic standing in the Austin Waldorf High School.
  2. The student should elect a Waldorf school in either a German or Spanish speaking country. Consult with the high school language teachers for possible schools.
  3. The student will be asked to present and share their experience with the high school classes upon their return.
  4. There is an enrollment re-entry process that needs to be completed before the student can return to classes at Austin Waldorf High School.

The Re-Entry Enrollment Process:

  1. The purpose of updating the high school faculty with regards to the academic and social experience of the student while abroad.
  2. The application should be completed and returned to the Enrollment Director at a minimum of two weeks prior to proposed re-entry.

To Be Considered For Study Abroad:

  1. The family should speak with the appropriate foreign language teacher in the high school.
  2. The student, and family, will complete a Study Abroad Application, available through the Enrollment Director.
  3. The foreign language teacher will make recommendations to the high school faculty based on the eligibility requirements and the completed Study Abroad Application
  4. If the requirements are met, the appropriate foreign language teacher will begin conversations for admissions with the foreign receiving school on behalf of the Austin Waldorf High School student. 

Exchange Student Versus a Visiting Student:

Foreign exchange program: An Austin Waldorf School family will continue to pay tuition to the Austin Waldorf School as determined by the enrollment contract. No tuition will be required by the designated foreign receiving school for one semester of studies. The foreign receiving school will communicate with the Austin Waldorf School to advise of a host family and assist with the facilitation of pertinent details. Any expenses deemed necessary, outside of tuition, are to be stated by the host family, and agreed upon by the sending family. In exchange, the Austin Waldorf School agrees to consider enrollment of a student from the foreign receiving school, for one semester, without payment of tuition to Austin Waldorf. The tuition would continue to be paid to the student’s home school. The Austin Waldorf School will assume responsibility for securing a host family for the exchange student and will communicate all pertinent details to the foreign student school.

Student Visiting Abroad: Should an Austin Waldorf High School family choose to send their child abroad without meeting the eligibility requirements, or following the steps as outlined by the Austin Waldorf High School, (in conjunction with the International Studies Program Committee), the international study is considered as a student visiting status. The Austin Waldorf family will need to withdraw their child from the Austin Waldorf School with the express knowledge that any enrollment contract in effect will be binding in full terms to the Austin Waldorf School.


International Studies Program Committee - 2013 -2014

Patricia Daunt-Grogan, Austin Waldorf High School Counselor
Ann Coltman, Austin Waldorf High School German
Giannina Guardia-Hayes, Austin Waldorf High School Spanish
Kim DeVittorio, Austin Waldorf School Director of Enrollment 


For the Austin Waldorf School Student Application to study abroad, click here.

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Please direct any questions to the International Studies Program Committee by email:  

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