Campus and Community


Situated on 19 wooded acres on the edge of the Hill Country, the school's classrooms, studios, and performing arts and athletic facilities provide an ideal environment for learning.

The campus offers space for play, student community service and gardening projects, or simply a quiet walk through the woods. Community events, such as festivals, concerts, plays, and adult education classes, create an atmosphere of cultural enrichment.


The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching as well as the cultivation of a healthy social life in the school's community. All faculty members are engaged in continuing study of Waldorf Education, subjects they teach, and wider educational issues of our time. Kindergarten teachers, grade school class teachers, and full time high school teachers have received Waldorf teacher training from an adult education center recognized by AWSNA. The elementary school academic teachers hold at least a bachelor's degree. Full-time high school faculty members hold either a master's or doctorate degree in their field. Subject teachers have either an academic degree or extensive practical experience in their respective disciplines.

The faculty and staff together administer the school with support from the Board of Trustees. This gives the teachers, who are in daily contact with the students, the authority to respond directly to their needs and their parents' concerns.


The working together of parents and teachers, not just in support of the individual child or class, but in the creation of an adult community, fosters the goals of Waldorf education and our own inner development as adults. Parents are encouraged to discuss questions or concerns with their teachers, attend class meetings and assemblies, participate in adult education workshops, and help in critical areas of school life, such as serving on of the Board of Trustees and its working committees. In this way an environment of mutual understanding, trust,  and cultural renewal is created and supported.

The Parent Society 

Every parent at the Austin Waldorf School is a member of the Parent Society. The role of the Parent Society is to support the community, as a whole, in the implementation of the school's mission. There are many opportunities for parents to participate in different capacities as a part of the Parent Society. Meeting times are the 2nd Thursday of the month from 8:30am-10:30am in the Orchestra room of the Performing Arts Center.

The Parents Society holds in their vision the responsibility to provide leadership for:

  1. Building community.
  2. Deepening parents’ understanding of curriculum and parenting issues.
  3. Planning school events.
  4. Class Fundraising.
  5. Supporting the faculty, board, and administration.
  6. Showing appreciation to all volunteers at the Austin Waldorf School.

 Adult Education

We offer an adult education program for our school community and for the greater Austin community. We schedule a variety of courses throughout the year: from folk dancing to The Odyssey; from beginning knitting to geometric drawing; from The First Four Years, Creative Living with the Young Child to The Adolescent Journey. Through our adult education program, we strive to build community, to strengthen our parents' understanding of the curriculum, and to support our parents through the developmental stages of childhood and the challenges of parenting.

Juniper Tree School Store

The Juniper Tree school store has been serving the needs of our community and the general public for over a decade. The store promotes Waldorf education and its ideals through offering a fine selection of merchandise made from natural materials such as wooden toys, soft cloth dolls, games, puzzles, crafts and kits, art supplies, books, beeswax candles, and other unique gift items. The store is located in a separate building next to the main office.

Store information.

The Austin Waldorf School is a non-profit educational institution, 501(c)3, that welcomes students and families of any religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin.
The Austin Waldorf School is a full member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA)
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